Yahoo can’t login to my blogger account

Blogger accounts are mostly created in blog sites in case users are keen on writing blogs or articles on certain topics of interest. These accounts can be well integrated with the email Yahoo Support Contact UK  providers. Users more often than not create their blogger account using their primary email account. Now, accessibility issues to blogging sites are more or less same as that of any other online account. Since, users link their email accounts to their blog accounts; therefore any accessibility issue to the email account would in turn cause problems in accessing their blogs. The issue could be due the email account getting blocked or the user forgetting the user name or password of the email account. In any of such case, the user needs to first reset the account, the process of which is same for the blogging site as it is for email service provider.

In order to recover the account credentials for the blogging site, users first need to click on the help link option in the blogging site which would in turn prompt the user as to the nature of the issue which he is facing. The user has to select the appropriate option which shows as password issue. On selecting of this option, a verification link would be sent to the email account which has been linked to the blogging site. The user must have access to that particular email account otherwise they would not be able to access the verification link and recover their password. Therefore, the user needs to log in to the email account and then use the link to gain access to their blogging account.

However, there may be times, when the user may lose access to the blogging site because the Yahoo mail may get blocked due to certain security related issues and complicacies. In such cases, the user needs to first recover the Yahoo account by following the necessary steps from the email account or getting in touch with the Yahoo Customer Care team. Once the email account is recovered, the same process for blog access needs to be followed and the verification link can be accessed from the recovered account and password reset. In case of any support required on this front, customers can any time get in touch with the customer support team of Yahoo requesting for help in the account recover process. Users can also post such common queries in the social forum for instant reply from peers and other online support personnel.


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